September Message from Greg Johnson

Dear Friends, Fellow Family Caregivers and Readers,

Happy Fall! I am in joyous anticipation of November, which is National Family Caregiver Month.

This has been a very exciting year to date. The April 30 Summit still resonates for many of us as we continue to find new partners and new corporations eager to speak with us about new avenues of service and help.

In a future blog, I will share the many exciting conversations I had while at my home in Bali. As many of you know, I spent the last two years working on a pro bono project with the ASEAN (Association of Southest Asian Nations) countries under the direction of the ASEAN Foundation. Bringing unity to these 10 countries has been aided by sharing our caregiving stories-for love knows no borders, religion, theologies, races, or creeds…love just is.

This summer was no less exciting as groups from each of the 10 countries joined meat varying times to “Talk with Greg” about family caregiving. In doing this, I have shared my EmblemHealth story and the stories of the members of the partnership-for each has resonance and meaning, each is translatable to other cultures.

Thus, as we enter the final four months of 2014…let us do it with joy, with a sense of great progress and with enthusiam as we look forward to November and to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging.