January Message from Greg Johnson

Dear Friends, Fellow Family Caregivers and Readers:

Happy New Year!

This year marks the third year for the NEW YORK CITY PARTNERSHIP FOR FAMILY CAREGIVING CORPS (NYCP4FCC) – literally “an army” for corporations and their employees who are family caregivers.

NYCP4FCC was created to help corporations and employees navigate the “seas of life” as they are manifested through FAMILY CAREGIVING. It’s a proven fact that corporations lose between $17 billion and $38 billion a year due to family caregiver related issues. THAT IS HUGE.

And while we cannot eliminate family caregiving – and frankly, we would not want to, for in and of itself, family caregiving is wonderful – we can help family caregivers as they “walk the walk.”

Our Web site, www.corporatecaregivers.com was a first step. I urge you to explore it and all the links contained within carefully. Each one reveals new, powerful and tested resources that may be just the thing you are searching for in YOUR family caregiving journey.

Last year, NYCP4FCC among its many projects, partnered with Fordham University and staged a FREE FAMILY CAREGIVING SUMMIT. Because of last year’s success, the event will be replicated and expanded this year on April 30, 2014 and held at the New York Academy of Medicine. So please SAVE THE DATE and watch for more information on this site.

Come explore, learn and be your corporation’s ambassador. We stand ready to serve, to share, to support and to be present for you – ALL ARE WELCOME! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!