February Message from Greg and Marion Gambardella

Dear Friends, Fellow Family Caregivers and Readers:

It is a great joy to introduce to you one of the co-chairs of the New York City Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps, Reverend Marion Gambardella. Marion’s role and ministry can best be defined as Spiritual Conditioning. I have asked her to share with us an overview of what she is so effectively doing. Read on and enjoy Marion’s insightful words!

Caregiving presents considerable challenges including physical, emotional and financial.
Using meditation, group support meetings and affirmations, Spiritual Conditioning can assist family caregivers or any caregiver to meet these challenges.

Meditation helps maintain the healthful unity of mind, body and spirit. It has been proven to help release the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. Meditation provides an overall improvement to health as feelings of peacefulness, calm, relaxation and inner peace are achieved.

Group Support Meetings offer self-care programs and assist caregivers to meet all the difficult challenges with a new vitality, resulting in being able to provide better care for their care recipient while protecting their own health and wellbeing.

Affirmations help caregivers stay optimistic and overcome negativity. Caregivers can become overwhelmed by their work and lose interest in their lives and career, which can lead to chronic depression, that includes entertaining negative and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Affirmations can help caregivers have an optimistic and positive outlook.

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement of Faith, the “yes” action of the mind. Stating an affirmation can help lead to a transformational process of positive energy that will attract positive experiences. Words are very powerful because they express our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our world in a concrete way. By learning to change our thoughts, we can change our lives. Therefore, it is the power of the word that can help caregivers take charge of their lives, shifting from a negative state of mind to a life-enriching, positive and creative one.

Affirmations are also helpful to employed caregivers. It is important for the working caregiver to develop a healthy work-home balance, which can help with the caregiver avoiding missed work days and getting burnt out. A work-home balance can assist in uplifting low-employee morale and creating a harmonious relationship between employer and employee. The practice of using affirmations can help this daily process.

The following are two examples of the overcoming power of an affirmation:

“I honor my responsibilities as a family caregiver and I also honor my responsibility for my own health and wellbeing.”

“Holding to my faith, I give no power to any negative thoughts. I keep my thoughts, words and attitudes positive and optimistic and all is well in my life.”

Spiritual Conditioning helps provide the family caregiver or any caregiver with faith-filled courage and confidence in living life to the fullest.