Inspiration from Greg and Guests

Greg Johnson is the passionate creator of the EmblemHealth Care for the Family Caregiver program who works tirelessly to give family caregiving a name and face.  The following are written by him, from the heart, to give hope and support to caregivers.

As we tackle everyday caregiving issues, remember: Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery, today is a GIFT.

In all our blessings and struggles -remember- it’s one day at a time.  Sometimes, one minute at a time!

In family caregiving, it is key to NAME your role as a central part of the CARE TEAM – and not become a “silent patient.”

Did you know: Today in the US, there are 65.7 million family caregivers?  That is 1 in 3!  You are not ALONE.

Family caregivers are the backbone of the health care system.  THANK YOU, family caregivers.

If you have already been a family caregiver—share, reach out, and be the expert that you are! Help support those new to the journey.

The sun is strength for the soul.  In the warmer months, share family caregiving so that all can replenish their stores of energy.

Checklist for family caregivers: Take my medications, eat a nutritious meal, get some exercise, keep my appointments, and take a break!

Remember: We may be caring for someone with a disease, but they are NOT the disease.

Self-Reflection: Are you depending more and more on alcohol or pills to get through the day?  Reach out, get help for you! In the end, it is not what happens to us that matters… it is the growth through our experiences that make us better, stronger people. As an active, devoted family caregiver, what lessons have you learned about caring for yourself?