Marion Gambardella – Spiritual Conditioning for Family Caregivers

The Caregiver Connection

Most major illnesses – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS and many more – offer organized support groups that provide a valuable service to the victims and loved ones by giving them a regular emotional outlet.  But sometimes, a more holistic approach can provide supplemental support to enrich the spirit and soul of anyone impacted by being or caring for the sick or disabled. Reverend Marion Gambardella gives caregivers a platform that helps them bolster their spiritual foundation to ease the emotional and physical impact that caring for a sick or disabled family member can cause. Through positive and restorative affirmations, participants can use their own abilities to give lovingly while attending to their own spiritual and physical needs.

Marion A. Gambardella has spent more than 20 years helping others achieve wholeness through the integration of mind, body and spirit. Her philosophy reflects a true commitment to the unity of self. “Health”, she says, “is an inside job and a healthy mind and body is our birthright”.  By accepting that simple principle, she believes we empower ourselves to create the life we want, not just tolerate the one we have.

Marion is a Healing Therapist and Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Minister. She has helped people transform their lives in wondrous ways. She is also a breast cancer survivor, and knows first-hand that traditional medicine combined with supported spirituality can achieve miracles in our lives. She has traveled from coast to coast, working with patients suffering from a host of illnesses, including cancer, HIV, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, lupus and diabetes, to name just a few.

The healing techniques she employs are all based on her developed and founded, “The Oneness” System ® (One Natural Evolution Natural Energy Spiritual System). This highly evolved method blends natural energy balancing and hands-on healing to achieve what she calls “aliveness”, which ultimately accelerates self-healing, enhances medical treatment, strengthens positive thinking, controls stress and stimulates personal and spiritual growth. Marion has been very successful in helping her clients discover the cause behind their illness, resulting in healing breakthroughs.

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