Our Mission

The Business Case for the NYCP4FC Corps is OUR MISSION

Are any of your employees family caregivers?  Chances are the answer is yes. In fact, one in three people are the unpaid caregivers to a spouse, partner, sibling, parent, disabled child or ill friend, making them family caregivers.

And, odds are, your employees who fall into the family caregiver category are not as productive on the job as they could be.  Most likely, they’ve been distracted and sad, taken days off to care for their loved one, left early to attend to their needs or have fallen sick themselves because there’s simply no time for their own needs.

This is an important message for corporations to hear.

Obviously, these issues impact the caregivers and recipients. But often hidden casualties of the caregiving dilemma are the corporations and companies that employ family caregivers.

Caregiving-related issues cost corporations $5 billion dollars annually!

Getting the message to corporations and companies that their bottom lines are negatively impacted when their employees take on the caregiver role alone was the impetus to form the New York City Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps (NYCP4FC Corps). Partner companies include: executive chair EmblemHealth, and co-chairs, Friends In Deed, Intersections International,  Spiritual Conditioning for Family Caregivers – Marion Gambardella, SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and Share The Care.

The NYCP4FC Corps aligns these six purposeful non-profit organizations to help business leaders learn more about the bottom-line impact of family caregiving and to provide diverse and tiered ways to address this phenomenon. This Web site aims to get the word out that our Partner organizations are available to provide personal services to caregivers that give them respite, and alleviating some of the stress, rippling its benefits to caregivers, care recipients and  Corporations.

Originally sponsored by an existing Care for the Family Caregiver Initiative at EmblemHealth, the Partnership was launched to unite these six generalists, already in the business of helping communities. The NYCP4FC Corps provides a full complement of services and information to address the many faces of family caregiving (not just the elderly) in a campaign of Awareness, Acceptance and Action.

Through programs, services, interventions, educational outreach and customized offerings, the NYCP4FC Corps seeks to help corporations improve their bottom line by helping their staff meet the challenges of both employee and caregiver roles with grace and dignity.