About Us

EmblemHealth’s existing Care for the Family Caregiver initiative recognizes the health needs of the “silent patients” and serves as a resource and a supportive partner in the caregiving journey.  Our goal: Offer information, resources and support so that caregivers avoid becoming care recipientsInformation and Resources for Today—Hope and Health for Tomorrow.

To fortify the existing efforts in the caregiving community, on June 19, 2012, as an extension of the Care for the Family Caregiver Program, the New York City Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps (NYCP4FC Corps) was launched.

The impetus to form the NYCP4FC Corps was to get the message to companies, corporations and organizations that their bottom lines are negatively impacted  when their employees take on the caregiver role alone.

The Partnership seeks to reach more family caregivers together than they could individually.

How?  Through the workplace  

Underlying the formation of the Partnership is the intent to make corporations aware of family caregiving issues that are negatively impacting their profitability, allow the Partners to come into the work place to counsel, educate and help impacted employees and ultimately have a positive influence on all parties involved – caregivers , recipients and corporations.

The NYCP4FC Corps provides a full complement of services and information to address the many faces of family caregiving. Through programs, services, support groups, educational outreach and customized offerings, the NYCP4FC Corps seeks to help corporations improve their bottom lines by helping both employees and caregivers thrive with grace and dignity.  Check the NYCP4FC Corps Web site regularly for updates and information and bring the caregiving solution into your workplace.


The NYCP4FC Corps Partners and Advisors

Executive Chair

Rev. Gregory L. Johnson, SR Advisor for Family Caregiving, Office of the CEO – EmblemHealth 



Sheila Warnock, Founder, Pres, CEO –  Share The Care 

Rev. Cynthia Burke, Formerly of Friends in Deed, Life Coach – Friends In Deed

Rev. Marion A. Gambardella, Dir., Spiritual Conditioning – Spiritual Conditioning for Family Caregivers 

Elise Colomer-Cheadle, Dir. of Institutional Partnerships, Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE)

Molly Pearl, Intersections International, Dir., Service Together 

Dr. Robin Fenley, Deputy Commissioner, New York City Department of Aging /Aging in NY Fund



Ali Hodin Baier, Executive Director – Aging in New York Fund, Inc.

Dr. Robin Fenley, Director, Alzheimer’s Center & Caregiver Resource Center, New York City Department of Aging

Greg Olsen, Acting Director, John Cochran, Assistant Director – New York State Office for the Aging 

Gail Gibson Hunt, President and CEO – National Alliance for Caregiving