Family caregivers are a mission-critical resource

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Family caregivers are a mission-critical resource

One recent report notes that at least one-third of your employees are caring for an older relative. Throw in those who take care of a spouse, life partner, child, friend or neighbor in need and it’s easy to understand why family caregiving costs American businesses $17-34 billion annually.

The New York City Partnership for Family Caregivers is HERE TO HELP… Our programs are designed to assist caregivers with the information, assistance and resources that most desperately need. At the same time, we provideĀ  business leaders with the tools needed to stem costs relating to employee turnover, absenteeism, increased health care expenses stemming from an increase in caregiving-related illnesses and more.

Family caregivers are a mission critical resource. They’re also some of your best employees. Let us help you help the people your organizations needs most.

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